Tough but hopeful

Day 3 and it’s already getting the best of me, but I need to keep on! Today was a tough one for me emotionally. My anxiety is getting the best of me as we get closer to going out into the plains. I think that venturing into the “unknown” and having to navigate the area is very daunting to me, something completely out of my comfort zone! Due to my anxiety, today I was extra sensitive and the littlest things bothered me.

I think one thing that got to me most was being the only one that isn’t fluent in Swahili, and not always being able to understand. I think that within the group of young people they forget sometimes that I don’t always understand and they aren’t sensitive to that. Of course it goes both ways as I am completely willing to learn Swahili but it’s not going to happen overnight.

Although I come across as tough, I am super sensitive inside and I want everyone to be comfortable around me and vice versa. I think the group activities will help us as a group be able to communicate and be sensitive to each other’s needs as time goes by, especially as we get to know each other more. Reflecting on this, today is making me feel hopeful for what’s to come!

– Akinyi Obama-Manners, 9/10-21

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