Climb day 3

We arrived at Kikelelwa Camp in good spirits! Everyone seems to be acclimatizing really well to the high altitude so far. Every camp we have been to the mountain gets more and more beautiful. I especially enjoy the early mornings and seeing the sunrise, even though it’s really cold in the mornings. The mornings are the closest thing to glamping we get and usually consist of hot tea or coffee with a small basin of hot water for bathing. It’s really the small things you appreciate on the mountain.

I think without the porters and the kitchen staff I don’t know where we would be! They are so incredible and we would probably all be lost without them.  When they pass us on the trail in the mornings with all the bags balanced on their heads it really puts things into perspective! Every time I see them, I am in awe of their strength and endurance.

The climbing has been pretty relaxed so far as we have only really been walking a maximum of 4 hours but that varies depending on your pace. The rate of our strides being the most important for our actual wellbeing and whether we will be able to make it to the top. The guides drill into us that we have to go ‘’Pole Pole’ (very slowly). Something I have become very good at. I am usually in the last group with Ingrid, Tim, Karen, Adam and Dr Joseph.

I enjoy walking in the smaller group because then we can set a pace and not feel so much pressure to rush. I did try to walk with the faster group but quickly fell behind and it doesn’t help as I usually feel quite nauseous when I walk too fast. But despite feeling slightly woozy I am always walking with a smile and arrive at camp so happy and excited.

– Akinyi Obama-Manners, 21/10-21

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