Climbing as One

Solidarity is essential in the fight against Covid-19

How will The Big Climb happen?

Solidarity is essential in the fight against COVID-19. We need to act together in providing necessary resources for the fair and equal distribution of protective equipment and vaccines. The virus needs to be better tracked, so that any new strains can be rapidly identified, tracked and defeated. In a number of low-income countries, health worker need better protection. Vaccines are essential in preventing the formation of drug resistant new strains.

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Rongai Route on Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro Climb

34 climbers including you, renowned mountain athletes, celebrities, and representatives of the private and public sectors will climb the Rongai Route. Departing on 19 October, the climbers will aim to reach the summit on 25 October 2021 – United Nations Day. Prior to the climb, and during, climbers will continuously raise awareness on the importance of fighting COVID-19 together; and raise funds for a more equitable fight against the pandemic.

You can join this fight too! Demonstrate solidarity and organize your own activity between 19 and 25 October 2021. Use #thebigclimb on all social media patforms.



Contribute to raising awareness and funds for sustainable mountain development projects. Post your achievement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #SupportTheBigClimb

The Big Climb was all about hope and collective action. My first climb of the highest peak in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, 5,895m aimed to raise awareness of the need to fight the COVID-19 pandemic together. I am so thankful for this opportunity and for letting me become a part of this team!



🍎I am very much looking forward to being back on #Kilimanjaro next week, this time for The Big Climb for #VaccineJustice in Africa and beyond. ℹ️Find out more and join us at

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Covered the bike in #NewHaven, #Connecticut and heading to #Tanzania to join and #SupportTheBigClimb of #Kilimanjaro for #VaccinEquity, and #justice.

Why? Because all people and all #MountainsMatter!

The Big Climb has created an official and iconic T-shirt that all climbers will be wearing during the #climb which starts tomorrow, 19 October. Watch the video to hear and see Azra Mujacic, Internal Communication and Quality Coordinator at Phoenix Design Aid, explain the details of the T-shirt.


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Equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines is essential in defeating the pandemic. The virus is winning due to human moral failure. We cannot let this happen.

Find out more about The Big Climb here:

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The countdown to The Big Climb has begun! Our PDAid Foundation is a proud partner of the climb and we are eager to begin the journey in 56 days.

This climb of the highest peak in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro (5,895 m/ 19,340 ft), aims to raise awareness of the need to fight the COVID-19 pandemic together. The Big Climb will raise funds to better track and understand the virus, equip health care workers, and purchase vaccines for equitable distribution on the understanding that ‘no one is safe until everyone is safe’. By climbing as one, we can overcome common adversity.

Climb dates: 19 to 25 October 2021
Climb route: Rongai route (tented camps)

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We created this video in support of the SDGaction Global Week to #ACT4SDGs. We hope you enjoy it!

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“After being shot during an armed robbery in Nairobi, I have organized many climbs to raise awareness on social issues affecting youth. The fight against COVID-19 will define our future”

Tim Challen, The Big Climb Co-organizer and Founder of Kilimanjaro Initiative

Want to support this mission?

Be a part of The Big Climbs. In parallel with the Mount Kilimanjaro climb and Mount Everest Basecamp trek, organize your own activity. Raise awareness on the need to support sustainable mountain development. Raise funds for projects that will make a difference in communities, using mountains as vehicle for creating better and more sustainable lively hoods.

Funds will go to recognized community-based projects.