Climbing as One

Solidarity is essential in the fight against Covid-19

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Since 2006, Tim Challen has led over 650 climbers to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m), the highest freestanding mountain in the world, raising awareness and funds for various social issues.

The impact of The Big Climbs, whilst difficult to qualitatively calculate, can be summarised as follows:

  • Life changing experience for each climber, bringing together diverse individuals from around to planet with a common goal
  • Life changing experience for the selected youth, trained and supported to become community champions through educational, professional and leadership opportunities including scholarships
  • Supporting thousands of family members of the guides, porters and cooks involved in the climb. It is estimated that The Big Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro 2022, provided support for the 75 guides, cooks and porters and their families for 4 months. Estimated number of persons impacted = 450
  • Investment in renewable energy solutions for the local community including solar panels for the Marangu Hospital, Tanzania
  • Hundreds of trees planted around the Marangu community
  • Funds raised for Covid vaccines in 2021
  • Donations of clothing, educational material and goods to the local communities
  • In 2022, 16,500 USD was raised for the Red Rose Primary School in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. 400 students attend the school, located in one of the poorest communities in Nairobi, Kenya
And contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



Contribute to raising awareness and funds for sustainable mountain development projects. Post your achievement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #SupportTheBigClimb

On 19 October, 34 climbers including Tanzanian and Kenyan youth, elite mountain runners, arctic explorers, politicians, industry leaders, and COVID-19 experts will climb to the summit of Africa to highlight the need for equitable access to vaccines. Climbers will reach Uhuru Peak on United Nations Day, 24 October. Funds raised through the.big.climb will go towards the Go Give One campaign, managed by the WHO Foundation, and the African Union COVID-19 Response Fund.
sustainablemountainalliance has focused on ensuring the.big.climb is conducted sustainably, offsetting our GHG emissions through solar investments for the local Marangu Hospital and supporting achievement of the UN #SDGs #sdgaction #supportthebigclimb #sustainablesport #sustainabletourism #mountainsmatter #kilimanjaro #vaccinejustice #trailrunning
Thanks to the commitment of the.big.climb partners and supporters phoenixdesignaid SalomonRunning UNmountains #kilimanjaroinitiative SandSI UNFCU UNFCUFoundation Gavi AfricanUnion AfricanCDC DNPDA sautikuufoundation ethiopian_airline

The Big Climb, from 19 to 25 October, will assist 180 guides, porters, hotel staff and their families in the #Kilimanjaro region. That’s at least 800 people who have not been forgotten because of #COVID_19 #supportthebigclimb ...

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For our fallen heroes #supportthebigclimb ...

World record holder for fastest unassisted ascent / descent of Mt Kilimanjaro Simont Mtuy will lead the ascent to the summit of Africa.

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KI are proud to announce the participation of Mira Rai of #Nepal on The Big Climb. Former child soldier and now champion trail runner. Follow her at miraraiofficial

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We are so proud of Fred and how he represented Sauti Kuu on The Big Climb!


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Covered the bike in #NewHaven, #Connecticut and heading to #Tanzania to join and #SupportTheBigClimb of #Kilimanjaro for #VaccinEquity, and #justice.

Why? Because all people and all #MountainsMatter!

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“Mountains are the water towers of our civilizations. We must treat their environments with great respect, and support their fragile ways of life in the face of rapidly growing urbanization, tourism and consumerism”.

Tim Challen, The Big Climb Co-organizer and Founder of Kilimanjaro Initiative

Want to support this mission?

Be a part of The Big Climbs. In parallel with the Mount Kilimanjaro climb and Mount Everest Basecamp trek, organize your own activity. Raise awareness on the need to support sustainable mountain development. Raise funds for projects that will make a difference in communities, using mountains as vehicle for creating better and more sustainable lively hoods.

Funds will go to recognized community-based projects.