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Who we are

Founded in 2017, Mira Rai Initiative (MRI) is a non-government organization (NGO) committed to supporting trail-running and trail-running community in Nepal. The organization was founded by the legendary ultra-trail runner Mira Rai whose story continues to inspire trail-runners all over the world.

Mira Rai’s story has inspired thousands of young people all over Nepal but especially young girls who see Mira as a role model. She is now committed to use the platform and the voice she has to promote trail running in Nepal and empower female trail runners in Nepal. Mira now wants to be that bridge for them and encourage young girls and young people in general to chase their dreams and defy the challenges that hold them back by giving them the opportunity to shine.

Governed by a 9-member volunteer Board of Directors based in Kathmandu, all of them from diverse background but have a commonality of supporting women especially those belonging to underprivileged and disadvantaged backgrounds. Mira Rai Initiative’s mission is to establish all round trail running women athletes.

Our objectives

To be a national hub organization for trail running which grooms and produces international standard trail runners in Nepal.

To use trail running to encourage and empower aspiring young women of Nepal to achieve excellence by providing them the best possible opportunities.

To establish and promote trail running as a mainstream adventure sport in Nepal.



Contribute to raising awareness and funds for sustainable mountain development projects. Post your achievement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #SupportTheBigClimb

📍Tanzania l This is how top mountain athletes stay loose while climbing Kilimanjaro! ...

We are so proud of Fred and how he represented Sauti Kuu on The Big Climb!


#SupportTheBigClimb #partnership #kilimanjaro #aumaobama

A video coming from Kilimanjaro, highest mountain in Africa.

Thanks for the video mira.rai Mira Rai, international ultra marathon champion for her video from Kilimanjaro which is highest mountain in Africa and the highest single free-standing mountain in the world with the Big Climb team!!

Mira climbed this mountain three days ago climbed to the summit of Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano in Tanzania and it’s height is 5,895 metres above sea level and about 4,900 metres above its plateau base.

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Salomon Running
Mountain Partnership

Covered the bike in #NewHaven, #Connecticut and heading to #Tanzania to join and #SupportTheBigClimb of #Kilimanjaro for #VaccinEquity, and #justice.

Why? Because all people and all #MountainsMatter!

🍎I am very much looking forward to being back on #Kilimanjaro next week, this time for The Big Climb for #VaccineJustice in Africa and beyond. ℹ️Find out more and join us at

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The Big Climb Kicked-off officially! Climbers at their final brief before they start their trek.
aumaobama sautikuu climb_big
#SupportTheBigClimb #Kilimanjaro #VaccineJustice

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“After being shot during an armed robbery in Nairobi, I have organized many climbs to raise awareness on social issues affecting youth. The fight against COVID-19 will define our future”

Tim Challen, The Big Climb Co-organizer and Founder of Kilimanjaro Initiative

Want to support this mission?

Be a part of The Big Climbs. In parallel with the Mount Kilimanjaro climb and Mount Everest Basecamp trek, organize your own activity. Raise awareness on the need to support sustainable mountain development. Raise funds for projects that will make a difference in communities, using mountains as vehicle for creating better and more sustainable lively hoods.

Funds will go to recognized community-based projects.